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Balik Pulau Hakka Village

At the beginning of the 18th century, The Hakka had left their motherland and travelled from China to South Asia, they first stopped at the island of Penang, Balik Pulau (literally meaning Back of the island)  and worked extremely hard and developed in this valley. In 1786 when British open their door for recruitment of foreign labor, the Hakka people came to Balik Pulau to begin their new life. This Hakka people started off as labor and they were all commonly known as “新客” which carried the meaning of  "New Comers". With the strong Hakka spirit of thriftiness and hard work, they managed to accumulate some money to buy vast land in this beautiful valley. In Balik Pulau, the Hakka population is swelled  from  80 to 90% .

Throughout the centuries, the Hakka had exerted their influence and created their own Hakka culture in Balik Pulau. Since Hakka is friendly and socialize, they also able to integrate and blend well into the local society and live  harmoniously with other ethnic groups. Balik Pulau had indeed go through a lot of changes and development for the past 200 years since British era, Communist ruling and finally Malaysia gaining independence, till now, the Hakka dialects still being used widely in Balik Pulau. 

There is a Chinese saying“凡走过必留痕迹” "Where ever you travel, mark will be left”. We extend a warm welcome to all of you to Balik Pulau and experience yourself the Hakka unique culture in the big traditional Hakka house in Balik Pulau, you will have extraordinary experience to visit centuries old Hakka traditional house which with relics of the past  such as antique wood chair, wooden drum, large stone and 牛车轮antique “Bullock Cart” which is even bigger than a human beings etc., What are you waiting for? Lets joint our Hakka cultural trip in traditional Hakka big house. 



  • 21-22/12/2012 Doomsday party “End of The world”
  • 12-13/1/2013 International toastmaster training
  • 19-20/1/2013 Physical and spiritual health camp
  • 23-24/2/2013 Love song festival

Tropical Fruits orchard

Each fruit tree is well labeled with its informative information and nutritious value.  Visitors especially students will find the visits a good learning and fun experience.

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Living In The Traditional Hakka House

The centuries old traditional Hakka house can catered to various activities and training needs. The first floor can accommodate to a max of 30 guests. The camp site is just adjacent to the big house. 

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Hakka Spirit

These stone walls with 200 years of history is a good symbol and strong evidence of the Hakka spirit of hardworking, thriftiness and  their perseverance in life.